Personalising your wedding day is a hard thing to achieve without losing the elements of the day that make it a traditional English wedding.

You can have readings in your ceremony that you have chosen, you can choose a colour scheme, food that you enjoy and (of course!!) music that is personal to you. But there are some things that are more difficult to make unique to you. Cakes for many years have been white and tiered with flowers that fit with your scheme, either made from icing or fresh. Wedding cakes have been a staple part of weddings for thousands of years as a symbol of prosperity as sugar has been (historically) an expensive commodity. In Victorian times white iced cakes became the norm, which is a tradition that is still very common today.

It is, however, one element of your day that you can truly personalise. Everyone likes a nice piece of cake in the evening of a wedding, so keeping the sweet treat as a centrepiece is a lovely idea (as long as you like cakes yourselves! Cheese towers, or pork pie towers are options for those with more savoury palettes). It is possible, however, to take this idea away from it’s white origins and make it truly your own. Wedding suppliers LOVE doing something different and personal, so once you have chosen who will make your yummy tiers of goodness, get talking to them about ideas that really identify you apart from other couples. Here are some examples of cakes that I have seen recently that have really been sensational centrepieces, and are truly unique!

On the left is a painted cake for a couple heading off on safari for the honeymoon. Then a bronze and apricot example which fitted beautifully in with the colour scheme for the wedding day. The next cake, unsurprisingly, was for a couple of amateur rugby players and finally a wedding that was taking place on 4th July (can you see the link?!).

In short, don’t feel that you have to go with ‘normal’, whilst white has been the norm, don’t be afraid of making this traditional centrepiece something truly stunning and unique.

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