Nicola Veal Wedding HarpistElegant harp music creates just the right atmosphere for a wide range of business events.

It works perfectly to set the scene whilst allowing people to network and talk comfortably as the music is being played, but also for helping to fill any awkward silences (or masking important discussions!). Whether you are organising a networking event and would like music as people arrive, or a more formal sit-down dinner to celebrate your business’ latest success, the harp is the perfect addition to your function.

I have played for numerous corporate occasions and for a wide variety of clients, ranging from new product launches, through to intimate business dinners and Christmas parties. The harp works well to impress your clients, with its stunning size and appearance, as well as providing soothing background music. Nicola Veal Wedding Harpist

I ensure that I maintain a professional attitude to all bookings I am both approachable and engaged with your clients. Many people are intrigued by the harp and answering questions about it and my music is part of my job. I communicate effectively with many different people, both those with a musical persuasion, or those who are merely intrigued and this can add another dimension to the proceedings.



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