Have some more questions? Some of these might answer them…

How soon should I book you?

As soon as you have a date! I only ever take one booking a day, so once you have decided that you would definitely like me as part of your event it is best to get you into my diary so that I can guarantee that I can be there. There is only one of me (!) so I can only take one booking per day, which means that as soon as a date has been taken, it’s gone. Later we can finalise the timings or other details, or add more time if you would like to.

What is your booking process?

I will take some details from you, including your contact details, venue details and timings of your event. I will then send you a booking form that will need to be signed to acknowledge that the details are correct and returned with the deposit to hold the date. The rest of the fee, along with finalised timings and music choices I will then need no later than two months before the event.

Do you charge by the hour or by the event?

Per event. Many weddings do not quite run perfectly to time, even with the best of plans and intentions. If you need more time for photographs, for example if there has been some bad weather which has delayed things, then the last thing that you would want would be your harpist hot-footing it out of the door! By booking by the ‘part’ of your day, this means that I will stay as long as is needed.

Is there a charge for travel?

No! Whatever fee I quote will be fully inclusive of travel and any extras, such as music choices. I have standard charges for the area in which I usually operate (the South East of England, excluding Central London), rather than quoting separately for any mileage. Here are some of the venues that I have played at before, which will give you an idea of the approximate area that I cover.

Can we meet you ahead of the event?

Of course! Due to the logistics of moving a six-foot-tall harp around, I always suggest that it is easiest if you can visit me at my home in Sussex, then I can play you some pieces of music whilst we also discuss your precise requirements and plans. If this is not convenient, when my schedule allows it, I attend some Wedding Fairs, so do follow the link to see when I am next playing, or we can arrange to talk via Zoom, just let me know what works best for you.

Do you play outside?

Yes! I am more than happy to set up wherever you and your guests are happy to be. The harp is a reasonably delicate instrument being made of wood and therefore cannot go out in the rain, but neither will your guests (or the registrars if you are having a civil ceremony) so I follow the crowd and go wherever they do! I have a protective mat that means that I can set up on grass, so as long as the surface is reasonably flat (so that I’m not falling down a hill!), I can go wherever you would like.

Can we choose our music?

Of course! For wedding ceremonies, I ask couples to choose six pieces of music: one for the entrance of the bridal party, four for the signing of the register (I might not need all of these, but I like to have too much music rather than not enough!) and finally a piece for the exit of the newly married couple. My repertoire is quite extensive and therefore often I find that I might already play pieces that you would like. Have a look at my music pages to have a look and see if there are things that you might like. For receptions and background music I tend to play a mixture of pieces covering popular music, recognisable classics, as well as music from films and musicals. Do also let me know if there is any music that you wouldn’t like to hear, as sometimes that is just as important as music that you would.

How do we know if you are any good?!

The best way to decide on whether I am the right person for your special day, is to come and see me in my home in West Sussex (about 15 minutes from Gatwick Airport). This way you can get up close and personal with the harps (yes, there are two!), listen to music and we can discuss your day in person. I do appreciate that this isn’t possible for everyone, and so if you can’t get to see me, try the following to see if you like what you see! Read reviews from other couples on Hitched or Google, talk to your wedding planner or co-ordinator to see if I have played at your venue before and ask what they think, or to other wedding suppliers that you have already booked to see if they have worked with me before. I have samples of my music on YouTube, and finally check out my Facebook and Instagram pages, as these give you some ideas of how busy I am, and the sorts of places that I play. Hopefully, this will all help to give you a really good idea about whether I am the musician that you are looking for to make your special day completely perfect.

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