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My Booking Process Explained

Ok, possibly not the most entertaining of subjects, but I hope that this will help to explain how you can make sure that I can be part of your special event. Check out my website – am I what you want?! Firstly, have a good rummage round my website and social media accounts. I try to make sure that what I post and write … Read More My Booking Process Explained

Happy Christmas!

Well, what a year! It’s been full of lots of wonderful weddings and functions. Thank you to those of you who have started followed my little Blog, I hope that it has given you a little insight into the world of being a professional musician, or helped you to have some ideas for your weddings or events. Back in September, on a warm Thursday … Read More Happy Christmas!

To theme, or not to theme, that is the question…

The Wedding Breakfast is one of the main features of a traditional Western wedding, but how can you make it more personal?

Dum Dum Di Daaaaaa!

Why has certain music become associated with wedding ceremonies?

“I’m just a little black raincloud…”

Wet weather is so common in the UK, make sure that your wedding plan has umbrellas built in…

Where did it all begin?

Often people ask me why I chose to play the harp – this is the answer!

Let them eat cake!

Personalising your wedding day is a hard thing to achieve without loosing the elements of the day that make it a traditional English wedding.

Lights… Camera… Action!

I’ve finally got round to filming some videos of me playing… here’s how it went

Is a timetable for our wedding really necessary?

Wedding guests come in two types: those who have been to seventeen in the last six months, or those for whom your wedding will be the first they have attended. This means two things: half of your guests will have preconceived ideas about what will happen and the other half won’t have a clue! It may be useful to prepare for this…

Anyone for a slice of cake?

What’s the point in going to a wedding fair? Surely you can see it all online?

Getting ready for the year ahead!

As we start 2017, the harps need their annual service to make them ready for the year ahead.