“I’m just a little black raincloud…”

We live in a temperate climate here in the UK, and that means one, important thing – it rains. A lot.

We can never really predict the weather in this country, and this summer seems to have been worse than most. We have had cloudy days and many days with a sprinkling of rain. If you are currently planning your Special Day for next year, please remember these days! Sadly, it is absolutely no reflection on either you or your wedding if it rains on your Big Day – it is just down to luck. As we can’t predict the future, the easiest and safest plan is for your wedding to be weather-proof.

Having played at well over a hundred wedding venues over the years, at more than 500 weddings, it really is the venue that makes or breaks a wet wedding day. Some venues are well set up so that if you and your guests can’t be outside in the sunshine, there are pleasant spaces as alternatives inside. This is really important. We have all been to weddings where the heavens have opened and the guests are crammed into a bar in a basement with not enough room to swing a cat, let alone a canapé. Whilst I would NEVER suggest that you plan your wedding for the sole benefit of your guests, make sure that all of the rooms can fit all of your guests in, if the need arises.

Outside wedding ceremonies in beautiful gardens are increasingly popular, with many venues building stunning gazebos for the ‘I Do’ moments. Do be aware, however, that these are far less pleasant sitting on a soggy chair under an umbrella. Many registrars simply will not conduct ceremonies outside in the rain as they have to be incredibly careful about the registers themselves getting wet. This means that if you would like to have a ceremony outside, you absolutely must have a wet weather plan. Sadly, I have played for wedding who don’t and then 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to start, it’s all hands on deck to move tables, flower arrangements and chairs to create a ceremony space inside. This never makes for a calm start to your day, so  make sure that there is an alternative inside. With so many wedding venues now available, make sure that you look around and think about what might happen if the weather does decide to have an off-day!

Two stunning weddings from this month, one at the Westerham Golf Club, Kent (left) and the other at Rivervale Barn, Hampshire, both on days that completely poured down with rain. The set-up, however in both venues was simply stunning and whilst I am sure that it would have been lovely to be outside, it didn’t detract from the special day for either Bride and Groom, or guests.

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